Urgent Dentist in Boro Park

Urgent Dentist in Boro Park

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Root Canal in Boro Park

For relief from tooth pain that may be severe due to an infection, and to restore your tooth to maximum viability for the long term, root canal therapy is the answer. And here at the endodontic practice of Michael I. Feinburg, this important procedure is our specialty. Count on us for emergency care performed promptly.

The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia so that you can remain comfortable throughout. Most of our patients tell us that they noticed no pain at all, or very little. And that’s great news, because there was a time when the modern equipment and advanced techniques that our urgent dentist in Boro Park no utilizes did not exist. The treatment is non-surgical, so there is no cutting, no stitches, and no bandages. As a result, healing is quicker and generally free of potential complications. Access to the infected tissue is gained by drilling the tooth from the top, which is far from the nerve. After the tissue is removed, the canals are cleaned and disinfected. Some of your teeth have just one canal, while others have multiples. This may mean more than one session to complete the work in its entirety. The final part is when our urgent dentist in Boro Park seals the canals, helping to prevent possible infections in the future. When the tooth has healed sufficiently, you will go back to your general dentist to be fitted for a dental crown. Thereby making the tooth whole again. Root canal has a high success rate of about 90%. It’s a far better option than extracting the tooth, and leaving you with an incomplete smile.

It’s reassuring to know that when your have an emergency, our urgent dentist in Boro Park is available to help. All you need do is call our office right away and we will make sure you are seen at the earliest possible opportunity.

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