Treat Dental Trauma in Boro Park

Dental trauma in Boro Park

Treat dental trauma in Boro Park

Treat dental trauma in Boro Park

If you have a dental problem caused by dental trauma, you should make an appointment immediately to come in to see our endodontist at our endodontic practice, Michael I. Feinberg. When you need to see an endodontist who can treat dental trauma in Boro Park, you will definitely want to seek out the services of our expert endodontist, Dr. Michael I. Feinberg.

At our endodontic practice, our goal is always to save the tooth. Many patients come to our endodontic practice when they need an endodontist to treat dental trauma in Boro Park caused by a tooth which has been dislodged or knocked out, or who suffer from other traumatic injury. When a tooth has been dislodged, it has been pushed back into its socket. If a tooth has been pushed partially out of its socket, our endodontist may likely be able to stabilize your tooth and reposition it in your mouth. As long as the tooth pulp remains healthy, there will not be a need for any additional treatment. But, if the tooth pulp becomes damaged you will need to have a root canal procedure at our office. If you need a root canal treatment, it is usually performed within a few weeks after the original injury. Initially a medication such as calcium hydroxide will be placed inside the tooth. Finally, a permanent root canal filling will be placed into the tooth, the canal will be sealed, and the tooth should recover. If a tooth is completely knocked out of your mouth it is very important that you contact our endodontic practice right away. In this case time is definitely of the essence. At that time, our staff will tell you exactly how to safely transport your tooth to the office. Once you come to our office, our endodontist will decide on the proper treatment that is needed in order to save the tooth.

For an appointment to see our endodontist to treat dental trauma in Boro Park contact us immediately; let our staff know that you need an emergency appointment.

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