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Common causes of toothaches in Marine Park

Toothache Marine Park
Toothache Marine Park

If you have a toothache Marine Park, you can depend on us at the office of Michael I. Feinburg for timely treatment done with gentle care and with the benefit of specialized care and vast experience. Among the most common causes of toothaches, we have solutions for all of them, with the twin goals of relieving your pain, and making sure you can keep your tooth.

Cavities, especially large ones, can cause toothaches. The same is true if you lose an existing filling. And while both can be addressed by putting in a new filling, the truth is that every moment your inner tooth is exposed puts you at greater risk for complications and consequences as a result. In fact, all of the common causes of your toothache Marine Park are associated with the breach of your tooth’s normal protective barriers. If your tooth becomes chipped, cracked, or fractured, the same concern exists as with a filling. The way to treat the situation, though, is different. A damaged tooth requires the placement of crown to restore the tooth’s protection, and to give it back its strength and functionality. The most pressing concern when you have a toothache Marine Park, however, is that bacteria will get inside and result in inflammation or infection. If that happens, pain is likely to increase to a level that is excruciating, particularly when you apply pressure to the tooth or chew with it. Root canal therapy is needed in this instance. Our endodontist performs it with a bare minimum of discomfort for you. In fact, most patients report very little or even no pain at all.

At the first sign of pain in your tooth, don’t hesitate. Reach out to our office right away and we will have you seen quickly. Your toothache Marine Park┬áis an urgent matter, and you deserve the high quality treatment that we are pleased to provide.

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