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Tooth pain dentist in Brooklyn

Tooth pain dentist in Brooklyn

Tooth pain is certainly inconvenient, but it should also not be ignored. Not only will ignoring tooth pain only make the pain remain and possibly worsen, but tooth pain is often the sign of a serious dental condition. If you experience tooth pain, especially after an injury, you may have a dislodged tooth or a cracked tooth. Our tooth pain dentist in Brooklyn, Michael Feinberg, DDS can provide you with dislodged tooth replacement or can help treat cracked tooth syndrome if you happen to have it.

It is imperative that you come in to see Michael Feinberg, DDS as soon as you experience any kind of tooth pain. The sooner you come in to have the issue checked, the more likely you will be able to resolve it before the damage gets worse. A dislodged tooth can be dangerous as it can compromise surrounding teeth and has most likely already caused trauma to the tooth’s nerve and maybe even your jawbone. In order to treat a dislodged tooth, you will most likely need it removed and our tooth pain dentist in Brooklyn can extract it for you. Sustaining an injury to your mouth and/or teeth can also cause injuries that may not easily be seen or identifiable. If you are experiencing tooth pain that is localized but not easy to spot, then you may have cracked tooth syndrome. The problem with cracked tooth syndrome is that it can be difficult to spot. Some cracks can be so fine that they are hard to spot, but cracked teeth are typically treated with dental crowns regardless. A dental crown can be applied to keep a tooth intact and prevent any further pain or damage from occurring. Usually, the pain from a cracked tooth originates from the movement of the cracked portions of the tooth, and since the tooth has not fully split or splintered, this friction can pinch the tooth’s nerve. The application of a dental crown can stop this from happening.

If you are experiencing tooth pain of any kind, call us and schedule an appointment with our tooth pain dentist in Brooklyn. Michael Feinberg, DDS can help when it comes to dislodged tooth replacement and cracked tooth syndrome, and will help relieve your dental pain in no time.

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