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Are you suffering from a toothache in your mouth that flares up when you chew your food with this region of your mouth, or even when your mouth is simply introduced to cold or hot substances? Sensitivity to temperature and an ache in your smile is more than just a simple cavity or a physical injury, but is in fact a serious oral health problem which needs to be treated by your local Sunset Park endodontist as soon as possible. Only root canal therapy from the experts at the state of the art practice of Michael Feinberg, DDS can stop the pain from returning from good, and the longer you point off this appointment, the worse the infection will become.

Sunset Park Root Canals

Sunset Park Root Canals

Root canal infections may sound like a rare occurrence to many of us, but they are far more common than we often realize. This is due to the simple fact that, while a root canal infection can be caused from a physical injury to the tooth, they can also be the work of severe tooth decay, gum disease, and repeated dental work to one area of the mouth without proper healing time between procedures. While over the counter pain killers can keep the pain at bay for a few hours at a time, the only way to stop the pain of a root canal infection for good is with the help of your professional Sunset Park endodontist. A root canal infection happens when bacteria in your manage to slip through the enamel and into the root canal, spreading a painful infection to the sensitive pulp and nerve endings of your teeth. Without proper treatment for a root canal infection as soon as possible, a root canal infection can work to continue to grow deeper into the tooth. If the infection reaches the ends, further treatment will be needed to replace the root ends of the teeth with an artificial appliance that will work to insure the tooth is properly grounded into the mouth and provide the strength it needs to survive. In severe cases of root canal infection, the entire tooth can be destroyed and will thusly need to be removed by your dentist and replaced as soon as possible to stop further damage from occurring to your remaining teeth.

For the expert care you need in the treatment of root canal infections, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood Sunset Park endodontist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the offices of Michael Feinberg, DDS have been proudly serving your patients through our practice specializing in the care of the inner-workings of the teeth for over 35 years. With root canal therapy from Michael Feinberg, DDS your smile can be restored to perfect and painless health once more.

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