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Marine Park endodontist

Marine Park endodontist

Root canal therapy, or simply root canal, has come a long way. You may still think of it as something scary, but those days are over. With modern equipment and techniques, and especially as performed by a specialist like our Marine Park endodontist, you can be assure that the procedure will be a comfortable one, and that with a high success rate, you will be able to retain your natural tooth. At the office of Michael I. Feinburg, root canal is the solution for the pain you’re in, not the cause of more of it.

Root canal is required when your tooth’s pulp becomes infected. This is the part down at the base, next to the nerve. Ordinarily, your tooth’s protective layers keep out harmful bacteria. But a large cavity, deep filling, cracked or chipped tooth allow bacteria to breach those layers and get inside. Don’t berate yourself, though. Even the most diligent patient, who brushes and flosses daily, and gets a complete checkup and cleaning every six months, can end up needing the help of our Marine Park endodontist. The most obvious symptom is pain, which can range from mild to excruciating, especially when you apply pressure to the tooth or chew with it. You may also notice sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks, tooth discoloration, or tender gums. Time is important. The longer you go without treatment, the more likely it is that you could lose the tooth. Root canal is done under local anesthesia. You should feel very little or even no pain at all during it. Access to the pulp is had by drilling the tooth from the top. The injured pulp and nerve are removed, the canals are cleaned and disinfected, and then sealed. When root canal is completed by our Marine Park endodontist, you will have a permanent crown made and placed by your restorative dentist.

At the first sign of tooth pain, call our office and set up an appointment. We will get you in as quickly as possible.

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