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Root End Resection in Marine Park

Marine Park dental surgery
Marine Park dental surgery

A root end resection, or apicoectomy, is done as a remedy for a failed root canal treatment. Here at the office of Michael I. Feinburg, we’re committed to saving your natural teeth whenever possible. It’s the entire point of root canal to begin with. But before you consider having a tooth extracted, let us tell you more about our Marine Park dental surgery.

When the tooth that had already undergone root canal has become re-infected, the best method for addressing the situation is often a root end resection. Some failed root canals are best managed with endodontic retreatment, which is a do-over of the original procedure. Our endodontist will do an examination and will take x-rays in order to make an evaluation about what path is best to take to treat your tooth. If our Marine Park dental surgery is the agreed upon solution, the procedure will seem similar to an extraction in that your gums must be open to get to the root of the tooth. Of course, you will be sufficiently numbed with local anesthesia before any work is started. Any bone that is blocking access to the root will be removed. The root tip along with the infected tissue will be gently taken out, and a special filling is then applied so that there is a good chance of preventing future infections. Your gums are then sutured closed to complete our Marine Park dental surgery. The result is a tooth that will remain strong and viable. Extracting the tooth not only means drawbacks such as a less appealing smile, shifting teeth, misaligned jaws, and inefficient chewing, but also the need to replace the tooth. That brings with it additional time and cost.

If you are having pain or other unusual symptoms related to a tooth that has undergone root canal, contact our office immediately to set up an examination.

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