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Are you being woken up in the middle of the night from agonizing pain occurring deep within the recesses of your smile? Painful toothaches are more than just annoying interruption in your life, they are actually a warning sign from your mouth of a serious problem occurring from deep beneath the surface of your teeth. Many of us believe toothaches are simply the cause of a cavity, when in fact they can be caused by a dangerous root canal infection. Root canal infections can actually cause your tooth to become abscessed and lost without proper treatment. To find out just how a root canal differs from a cavity, and why this infection requires immediate, simply visit the experts at your Brooklyn endodontist of Michael Feinberg, DDS.

A root canal infection is more than just a mild problem. This oral health care issue actually requires advanced care in the form of root canal therapy in order to treat properly. A cavity is a hole or eroded pit that occurs on the surface of your teeth, in the material many of us know as the dentin. This is where the term dentist comes from, and is also why most general dentist are not properly trained in root canal therapy. A root canal infection occurs when a cavity is not treated, causing it to grow larger and deeper until it pushes through the dentin and into the sensitive root canal of your tooth. This area contains the nerve endings and pulp, and causes a cavity to become a bacteria driven infection deep below the surface in your teeth, usually inside the root where it grows inside in your gum lines. At your professional Brooklyn endodontist we are a practice specializing in the care of the complicated and delicate root canals of your teeth. With root canal therapy our fully licensed and professionally trained staff makes a small incision in order to access the root canal to remove the infected matter found there. We then utilize special medications to eradicate the infection on a microscopic level, and finish the treatment with a permanent tooth-colored dental filling that will stop your painful root canal infection form ever coming back.

Root canal infections will only grow worse over time, and can spread to the root ends of the tooth without proper attention from your neighborhood Brooklyn endodontist. Dr. Michael Feinberg, DDS has been proudly working with smiles just live yours for over 35 years, and is a specialist in the field of endodontics. Dr. Feinberg strives to utilize the latest advances in dental technology and procedure in order to save the teeth of his patients. With root canal therapy from the offices of Michael Feinberg, DDS your smile can be returned to a picture of perfect health once more.

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