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Importance of Oral Hygiene Following a Root Canal in Brooklyn

Endodontic Office Brooklyn
Endodontic Office Brooklyn

Oral hygiene is important no matter what. Everyone should brush their teeth daily, rinse with antibacterial mouthwash, floss, and maintain a healthy diet. It’s easy to slack on these daily activities and to keep up with healthy habits, but it’s extremely important that you do so, especially if you have recently suffered for my dental condition – including a root canal. If you recently suffered from tooth decay, including root canal infections, then it is especially important that you maintain oral hygiene habits. If you need help, you can visit our endodontic office in Brooklyn where Dr. Michael I. Feinburg can provide you with comprehensive care.

Root canal infections can be incredibly painful, and they can make daily life difficult. In order to treat a root canal infection, you need to undergo a root canal therapy or a similar treatment. Root canal therapy is often the first surgery implemented but it may not always be successful. Your oral hygiene following this procedure may have a hand in how successful the procedure was. Since getting to the root of your tooth canal can be quite difficult, it’s essential that you take good care of your oral hygiene following your treatment so that it is less likely to become reinfected. There are additional procedures that can be implemented afterward in order to help resolve the issue or to further treat to be affected tooth, but it is best to do what you can to make sure that the initial surgery works. Here with Dr. Michael I. Feinburg you can receive root canal therapy, as well as other forms of care here at our endodontic office in Brooklyn.

You may need to come in for follow-up care or additional procedures, but no matter what, our endodontist is here to provide you with exemplary care and with whatever treatment will work best for you. Feel free to call our endodontic office in Brooklyn to learn more about what Dr. Michael I. Feinburg can do for you and to set up your appointment.

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