Emergency Endodontist in Flatbush

Treatment of Cracked Tooth Syndrome in Flatbush

Emergency endodontist in Flatbush

Emergency endodontist in Flatbush

Cracked teeth can eventually break and cause tooth decay so that the tooth ends up needing extraction. At the offices of Michael I. Feinburg, we treat cracked tooth syndrome to help save your teeth and save the area from further damage and expensive dental bills. We’ve been providing great dental services to the New York area for over 35 years, and our emergency endodontist in Flatbush can provide immediate endodontic care. We have two offices, one in Flatbush and one in Borough Park.

Our emergency endodontist in Flatbush provides patients with an anxiety free, pain free experience using the most skilled endodontic techniques. Dr. Feinberg also provides evaluation and diagnosis of oral pain, root canal therapy, surgical endodontics and treatment of fractured and dislodged teeth. Cracked teeth can happen in a number of ways and cause pain, possibly while chewing, biting or when the tooth is exposed to different temperatures. Further chewing causes the cracked pieces of the tooth to move and can begin to irritate the pulp inside, which can be extremely painful. When bite pressure is released, it may cause sharp pain. This back and forth movement and painful condition can cause the pulp inside to be damaged permanently, leading to infection and possible extraction.

If the pulp becomes too damaged, we may require a root canal treatment. Root canals clean up the inside of the tooth and remove the infected pulp, saving the entire tooth from needing extraction. Our emergency endodontist in Flatbush will remove, clean and seal the tooth. The entire procedure is simple and involves only local anesthesia. It is not painful and once completed, a crown is placed on top to protect the area. Root canal success happens in more than 90% of patients. Symptoms that pulp may be inflamed include sensitivity to heat, cold and percussion.

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