Emergency Dentist in Boro Park

Dental trauma in Boro Park

Emergency dentist in Boro Park

Emergency dentist in Boro Park

Dental trauma is an often-underestimated source of discomfort and pain. Even a little hairline crack can cause a great deal of pain and needs the help of our emergency dentist in Boro Park to alleviate the pain and cure any infection. A crack in a tooth can be caused by any number of different traumas. Cracks can be the results of an injury due to being hit in the tooth by some object, or biting into something to hard or due to decay. When a crack occurs it can allow bacteria and contaminants to get to the soft inner core of the pulp and cause infection as well as causing movement of the pulp or its protective outer layers of enamel, dentin and cementum. The pulp contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue, which can become irritated when exposed to movement.

There are many different types of cracks, and the type of treatment needed and its success depends of the type of crack, its location and severity. Cracks and fractures in the tooth can immediately split the tooth if they are severe enough or may start out affecting only area of the tooth; however, even small cracks can get much bigger over time if not attended to by our emergency dentist in Boro Park. Unlike bones cracks and fractures in teeth do not heal completely, so our doctor focuses on relieving pain and stabilizing the tooth to prevent further loss. An endodontic treatment, root canal, and equipping the tooth with a porcelain crown top is the best way to prevent cracks from spreading. Teeth that have had endodontic treatments and crowns generally function for many years usually as long as any natural tooth.

Other dental traumas include teeth that have been chipped into two or more pieces as well as those that have come completely out of the mouth. Sometimes our emergency dentist in Boro Park will be able to re-establish the knocked out tooth or shifted in its original socket and save it. If you experience a cracked tooth or any other form of dental trauma please call our office and set up a consultation with our doctor as soon as possible.

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