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Apicoectomy Procedure in Ditmas Park

If you need a Ditmas Park endodontist, you will want to visit Michael I. Feinberg at one of our two Brooklyn offices in either Flatbush or Borough Park. Dr. Feinberg is an expert dentist, whose practice is limited to endodontics – the art of saving your teeth. Dr. Feinberg is expert in the most advanced endodontic techniques, and strives to provide his patients with an office environment that is pain and anxiety free. That is why he is the best dentist to visit if you are in need of an endodontic procedure, such as an apicoectomy.


Michael I. Feinberg, your Ditmas Park endodontist, explains that an apicoectomy (root end resection) is a microsurgical procedure in which infection is removed from a tooth’s root tip and surrounding tissue. This procedure is necessary when a root canal therapy is unsuccessful in ridding a tooth of its infection or inflammation. Although root canal procedures are generally highly successful, there is a small percentage of time when root canals do not work for the individual patient’s situation. Sometimes surgery is needed to locate small fractures or hidden canals that weren’t able to be detected during previous root canal treatment.


When Michael I. Feinberg, your Ditmas Park endodontist, performs an apicoectomy, he will open the gum tissue to expose the bone, and remove any inflamed or infected tissue. The very end of the root will also be removed. Then, a filling is usually placed to seal the end of the root canal and to prevent infection from re-occurring. A few stitches are used to help the tissue heal. After several months, the bone will completely heal and full function of the tooth will be restored. This is a wonderful procedure that will save the infected tooth from being lost. The procedure is done with the aid of local anesthesia, so it is a completely comfortable experience for the patient. Dr. Feinberg works very hard to make sure this not only a pain-free experience for his patient, but also an anxiety-free experience for his patient as well. After the procedure there may be some mild discomfort or swelling. If necessary an appropriate pain medication will be recommended by Dr. Feinberg. Most patients are able to return to their normal schedules the following day.

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