Dislodged Tooth Replacement in Brooklyn

Dislodged Tooth Replacement

There are plenty of things that you can do to ensure your overall health. Maintaining your health and having any pressing issues taken care of as they arise is an extremely important part of this act. Injuries and other such occasions are considered a dental emergency and dislodging s tooth is definitely one such event. Making sure you have this sort of situation handled can mean a lot for your oral health and we can help you do that here at our dental offices in Brooklyn with Michael Feinberg, DDS.

There are many things that should be seen by a professional as soon as they occur and a dislodged tooth is absolutely one of them. A tooth can become diodged for a number of reasons, an injury being the most likely, but in any case it is always wise to have the situation professionally examined. A dislodged tooth can cause a a series of problems and dental issues.

Toothaches Borough Park

Toothaches Borough Park

Sometimes the tooth itself can be broken and can leave behind bits of broken tooth behind in the gums. It can also have a serious affect on your adjacent teeth and on the gums around the tooth in question as well. An injury that results in a dislodged tooth can affect the nerve, your jawbone, surrounding teeth, your gums, and many other aspects of your oral health as well. Here at our offices in Brooklyn, our doctor Michael Feinberg, DDS can provide you with the proper dental care and attention that you need. A dislodged tooth may need additional work before replacement depending on the nature of the incident. If the tooth is broken or has left bits of tooth behind in the gums then it will need to be removed or at least allowed to heal, as in some cases the tooth will be pushed out by itself.

Depending on the nature of your situation, Michael Feinberg, DDS will be able to diagnose your case and prescribe a tooth replacement of some kind. No matter what you need, Dr. Feinberg will be able to provide you with the dental restorations that you need to stay healthy.

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