Cracked Teeth Treatment Brooklyn

Cracked tooth treatment

Tooth pain always indicates a problem that needs to be addressed. In the case of a cracked tooth, determining the exact nature of the issue isn’t always easy. A tooth with a tiny crack won’t be visible and may yield symptoms similar to having a root canal infection. What’s essential to realize is that a crack will not simply go away. If anything, it will get worse, cause more pain, and eventuality lead to an infection of the pulp tissue and the need for root canal treatment. By availing yourself of our Brooklyn cracked teeth treatment, you can possibly avoid the chances of complicated root canal work or even the chance of needing the tooth extracted.

Among the symptoms that might indicate the presence of a tooth with a crack in it is erratic

Endodontic Emergencies Ditmas Park

Endodontic Emergencies Ditmas Park

pain when chewing or when exposed to very hot or cold temperatures, such as drinking hot coffee or iced tea. One clue is that if the pain is noticeable when you release biting pressure, that could mean s cracked tooth. Chewing may lead to movement of the cracked part of the tooth and allow access to the pulp, causing irritation or even infection. If you experience any of the above, call us right away and schedule an appointment for our Brooklyn cracked teeth treatment.

Dr. Feinberg will examine you and possibly take x-rays to pinpoint which tooth is affected and if a crack is indeed present. This can be tricky because cracks are often very tiny. Once the crack is found, an evaluation of the tooth will be made to decide what the best course of action is. Our cracked tooth treatment in Brooklyn may require that a crown be placed onto the tooth to stabilize it and keep it protected from being infected. If the pulp area has been infected, root canal therapy may be the best option. This will allow the infection to be eliminated and a crown will then be placed on top of the remaining part of the tooth. Of course, if the tooth is too badly damaged, it may need to be removed. This is the last resort and we will try to save your tooth if at all possible.

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