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Root Canal Treatment in Brooklyn


Brooklyn Endodontist
Brooklyn Endodontist

If your tooth hurts or is suddenly sensitive to hot and cold chances are that you’ll soon be taking a trip to a Brooklyn endodontist – you might need a root canal. “Root canal,” the very word causes fear in even the strongest of men, but according to Dr Michael I. Feinberg, DDS the fear is based on a bad reputation and not on reality. Root canal, or “Non-surgical Endodontic Therapy,” as the American Association of Endodontists now calls it, done under local anesthetics is a painless procedure that should cause no real discomfort. Our office limits its practice to endodontics and Dr. Feinberg has over 35 years experience delivering high quality endodontic care, especially root canals.
If the nerve in your tooth is affected by decay, infection or inflammation you will probably need a root canal from our Brooklyn endodontist to help alleviate the painful symptoms and save your tooth. This simple procedure works by cleaning out the center of the tooth, the pulp, that has become infected due to cracks, trauma, chips, deep decay or repeated dental procedures. Once our doctor removes the infected pulp, the tooth’s complete root system is cleaned and then sealed. While each patient’s case can be different, it usually takes only one or two visits to our office to complete the root canal. There is generally a 90 percent success rate for this non-surgical endodontic therapy. After the treatment has been completed and the tooth has had a chance to rest you will generally go back to your general dentist for whatever follow-up treatment is recommended, such as placing a crown on the tooth.
A tooth that has been treated with root canal by out Brooklyn endodontist can last as long as any of your other natural teeth. In some cases, however, the tooth may not be amenable to root canal or may not heal because it has gotten re-infected. In both these cases our doctor will discuss alternative treatments with you. In the case of re-infection a second procedure, an endodontic retreatment, may be recommended. If you are having tooth discomfort or pain don’t wait until the pain becomes unbearable or the tooth decay spreads further, call for an appointment as soon as you feel the discomfort so we can help you.

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