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Root End Resection in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Emergency Dentist
Brooklyn Emergency Dentist

If you are having a problem with a tooth, such as extreme tooth pain, you will want to see our endodontist. An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in treatments which are meant to allow the life of a tooth. At our endodontic practice, Michael I. Feinberg, our Brooklyn emergency dentist is Dr. Michael I. Feinberg.

When you have a tooth that needs emergency treatment after a root canal, you made need to have an endodontic treatment called an apicoectomy. An apicoectomy is also called a root end resection. This surgical treatment is performed when an endodontist needs to remove infection from the root tip of a tooth as well as from the surrounding tissue. This procedure is performed when an infection persists even after root canal therapy is performed on the tooth. A root canal treatment is effective in saving a tooth in over 90% of cases. However, there are times when additional treatment is needed after a root canal, including a root canal re-treatment or an apicoectomy. Our Brooklyn emergency dentist will need to perform this procedure when a tooth is seriously infected, and infection is found in the root tip.

When this procedure is being performed, our Brooklyn emergency dentist will make an incision in the gum tissue that allows the bone and surrounding inflamed tissue to be exposed. The damaged tissue can then be removed as well as the end of the root tip. Our dentist will then place a root-end filling which will hopefully prevent reinfection of the root. Then the gum is closed with sutures. The bone will heal around the root over a period of several months, restoring the tooth and root to full function. Our patient may experience some discomfort or even some swelling while the incision heals. This is completely normal, as can be expected with many different types of surgical procedures. Our Brooklyn emergency dentist will be able to recommend an appropriate pain medication, if needed. Without this type of emergency care, the tooth would not be able to be saved, and would need to be extracted. When you experience any type of dental pain it is very important that you come in to see our dentist as soon as possible. In almost all cases, the sooner treatment is provided, the more likely it is that the treatment will be successful and that your tooth will be saved. Saving your tooth will eliminate the need for getting a dental implant or other tooth replacement. For an appointment to see our endodontist regarding tooth pain, contact our office and let them know that you need to be seen on an emergency basis.

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