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Apicoectomy in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Emergency Dentist
Brooklyn Emergency Dentist

Dental care is an important thing to consider, especially if you are experiencing any signs or symptoms along the lines of oral pain or general discomfort. People oftentimes attribute these sorts of symptoms to cavities and the like, and generally that may be true, but these symptoms are also synonymous with root canal infections as well. In either case, oral pain should be treated as a dental emergency so it is important that you get the immediate care that you need as soon as you possibly can. Here with our Brooklyn emergency dentist Michael I. Feinburg you can have dental procedures such as root canal therapy, or even root end resections and apicoectomies performed as soon as possible.

Oral pain is an emergency in and of itself, especially when it is related to an infected root canal. Though the symptoms of cavities and root canal infections are fairly similar, infected root canals tend to be more severe because the nerve ending located at the center of the tooth is inflamed. This inflammation can be especially painful, and even create a constant dull, and sometimes sharp, pain as a result. In order to get these sorts of dental problems resolved, you will need to see a dentist or an endodontist as soon as possible. When it comes to treating an infected root canal, any inflamed and infected tissue is removed, along with the root pulp and sometimes the entire nerve ending, too. Root canal therapy is not always completely successful, however, especially since it is a rather delicate process. In the event that this should happen, you may need a root end resection or an apicoectomy in order to rectify the issue, and our Brooklyn emergency dentist Michael I. Feinburg is here to provide you with the urgent care that you need.

The sooner you have any instances of tooth infections treated the more likely you will be able to prevent the issue from spreading. With the help of our Brooklyn emergency dentist, you can have the issue addressed and treated as soon as possible, so call us today and book your appointment with Michael I. Feinburg as soon as you can.

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