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Dental Emergencies in Borough Park

Avulsed teeth are considered a dental emergency and occur when your tooth is knocked out of its socket due to trauma. When this happens, the specialists at our Borough Park endodontics office will usually try to replant your tooth as soon as possible. This is a true dental emergency which is best treated by Michael Feinberg, DDS, after 20-40 minutes of your injury. There are two factors that will determine whether or not it will be easy to replant your tooth. First, your tooth needs to be kept in an ideal environment, and one that is most like your gums. Second, it depends on how crucial the cells are that remain in your gums. In most cases, your tooth can be reconnected to the socket by means of the periodontal ligament.

11229 Dental Emergencies
11229 Dental Emergencies

The reason Dr. Feinberg can reattach your tooth at our Borough Park endodontics office is because of the ligament. The ligament is how your tooth gets its resources and when it’s knocked out, it’s stretched out and torn in half. Once Dr. Feinberg successfully reattaches the two ligaments, your tooth will continue to get its needed blood and resources. If reattachment seems unlikely, your tooth must be maintained artificially the damage done can be reversed. The “damage done” is known as cell crushing and it occurs when there is pressure on the sensitive areas of your tooth. This pressure results in crushed cells in your tooth and ligament, possibly preventing future re-bonding of the ligaments.

When dental avulsion happens to a permanent tooth, it should be handled like the dental emergency it is, and the tooth should be gently rinsed with water. It is very important not to touch the root of the tooth, handling it as little as possible. In order to stabilize your tooth, Dr. Feinberg may attempt to replace it and splint it to the adjacent teeth for several weeks. At our Borough Park endodontics office, we find that tooth avulsion occurs quite often, with approximately 5 million cases being reported in the United States every year. Unfortunately, this happens customarily in school aged children as well as military personnel, professional fighters, and people who play contact sports. If an avulsed tooth does not recover in time, Dr. Feinberg will recommend a dental implant.

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