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Everyone should have regular dental visits year round. Annual visits and biannual cleanings help ensure that your teeth are clean and as healthy as can be, but these visits can also help detect any signs of tooth decay or address other oral concerns. Even if you schedule visits to the dentist regularly, you should make sure to set up an appointment if you experience any unusual symptoms. Aches, pains and sensitivity to hot or cold foods could be the signs of a cavity, or even an infected root canal. Michael Feinberg, DDS is a Boro Park root canal specialist that is here to provide you with the best root canal therapy possible.

Root Canal Symptoms 11229

Root Canal Symptoms 11229

Root canal therapy is often needed when the root of the tooth is infected. This can be due to tooth decay, infection, inflammation or even injury to the tooth. Root canal treatment can save you a lot of pain and discomfort, and also tries to save your natural teeth, preventing the need for dental bridges and dentures further down the road. If you are experiencing any symptoms of an infected root canal, schedule an appointment with our Boro Park root canal specialist, Dr. Michael Feinberg, DDS for a consultation and for treatment. During an initial examination, Dr. Feinberg will thoroughly examine your teeth and the state of your overall oral health. From there, Dr. Feinberg will be able to begin any necessary treatment. In the case of root canal therapy, the infected or inflamed tissue and tooth pulp is removed. The area left behind is then cleaned and filled carefully and precisely. Once the root canal is filled, it is sealed. This will prevent any further tooth decay and will save the natural tooth.

A local anesthetic is used during this procedure so there is no fear of any pain or discomfort. Dr. Michael Feinberg, DDS is here to save your natural teeth from decay and to make sure that any oral or dental needs are met with full attention and precision. This Boro Park root canal specialist is here to ensure that you are alleviated of any pain and discomfort caused by an inflamed root canal and that the following therapy is as comfortable and successful as possible.

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