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Treating dental emergencies in Sheepshead Bay

Emergency Dentist
Emergency Dentist

If you are seeking a Sheepshead Bay emergency dentist, Michael I. Feinburg can be contacted to treat your dental emergency. We understand accidents do happen and while our office is open 7 days per week with day and evening appointments available, if you suffer a dental emergency and require treatment while our office is closed, you may contact Dr. Feinburg by calling our service at (718) 355-9939 and Dr. Feinberg will contact you. The most commonly treated dental emergencies are traumatic injuries which may include tooth avulsion or the loss of the tooth from the gum as well as dislodged teeth.

After an injury, your tooth may have been pushed partially out of the socket and Dr. Feinberg may be able to easily re-position and stabilize your tooth. Following the determination that the pulp is still healthy, no other treatment may be required. In the case of a damaged or infected pulp, a root canal treatment may be necessary and may be scheduled soon after your injury. When a tooth has been completely knocked out, Dr. Feinberg urges patients to keep the tooth moist for best chance of keeping your natural tooth viable if you cannot immediately place the tooth back in the socket. Store your tooth in milk or a glass of water with a pinch of salt while seeking immediate treatment by your Sheepshead Bay emergency dentist, Michael I. Feinburg. Both the way your tooth was stored and the amount of time it was out of your mouth contribute to the type of dental treatment you will require as well as the level of success you are likely to achieve.

In addition to providing premier services as your Sheepshead Bay emergency dentist, the exemplary team of dental professionals at the office of Michael I. Feinburg are also available to address your endodontic dental needs. If you need further assistance, either with a dental emergency or to schedule an appointment at our office, please call (718) 355-9939 and a friendly and compassionate member of our staff will be able to provide you with an appointment, answer questions regarding accepted insurance plans and methods of payment, as well as most other concerns as a new patient.

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